Gwen Stefani:
"I can see you in a band with me. It is meant to be, don't you think?"

"Kota seemed like my kind of girl. I was really impressed with her whole performance and her style and her uniqueness."

Blake Shelton:

“Kota, you’re like a modern-day Cyndi Lauper. Your voice just made me smile.”

“That was unbelievable, blew the roof off this place.”

Pharrell Williams:

“You’re doing it your way, which is super cool.”


“Kota is a little firecracker. She’s one of the most comfortable people on stage here at The Voice.”

Adam Levine:

“You chose the hardest vocal maybe ever in the history of hard vocals. I respect that. By the end you were really full throttle and it was great.”


Entertainment Weekly:

“You’ll never be bored by a Kota Wade performance and The Voice needs at least one singer who’s bringing that in-your-face energy.”


Parade Magazine:

“Kota knocked it out of the park with Heart’s ‘Barracuda’.”



“Wade indeed gave an incredibly fiery performance that showed she can handle a huge rock song.”


L.A. Times:

"This purplish-haired 23-year old turned three chairs with her bluesy take on "Bring It On Home To Me."


"The silver-haired firecracker on TV's most addictive singing competition is more than just a pretty face (and a stunning voice), she's killing it on Team Gwen on The Voice."

Music Connection Magazine

"In front of a capacity crowd, her songs tethered the feelings of helpless with the reinvigorating spirit of hope."

NBC Atlanta

Raising her 'Voice:' Singer fights mental health stigma

Kota Wade dazzled the night of her Blind Audition but some of her most meaningful work has come after leaving the Voice stage.

Albuquerque Journal

Albuquerque native lends her voice to mental health awareness

Albuquerque native Kota Wade has teamed up with the National Alliance on Mental Illness as an ambassador. She also released an EP, “Out of the Dark,” that chronicles her journey with mental illness.      

The Uprising American Made Stories/Creatives, Doers, Leaders: Kota Wade

Meet Kota Wade, a singer, songwriter and mental health advocate. She uses her platform for good, to spread awareness on mental health issues and how we are all so much better together. She also happened to be on Season 9 of the Voice. Read her amazing and uplifting story below, and be sure to catch her latest album, which released in May of this year.   


NAMI National Alliance On Mental Illness

Here's some real talk from the wonderful @kotawade. She uses her platform as a musician to share her experience with depression and anxiety.  

Voyage LA

Meet Kota Wade of Amplyfi in Hollywood