Bloody Valentine

Heart glasses from  Foxblood

Heart glasses from Foxblood

She had been burned before, but this time she was in control, she wore his heart around her neck like a trophy, a gold medal, a warning...she would never again be toyed with, and the world would know.

Dress: Hot Topic

Glasses: Foxblood


Necklace: gifted

Septum clip: Amazon

Hopeless Romantic


Hopeless romantic...she knows her heart. She loves deeply, madly, diving deep into the depths, never looking back. She sings her sorrows, turning her pain into art, a trail of musical emotions in her wake. Pounding hard, her heart knows love, it knows loss, it knows pain, joy, and hope. She has known love greater than the tallest mountain, flying high above the clouds. She has known loss deeper than the darkest oceans, drowning her in blackness. Still, she plays on, she plays on.

Dress: Foxblood

Boots: Foxblood

Hat: H&M

Choker: Foxblood