Snow Elf

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It was the first snowfall of the year, the first blanket of white that covered her world from top to bottom, and with it, she was finally free. Like a bird in a cage, the seasons trapped her, all but winter. Winter was her home, it held her heart, it set her alight. As if waking from hibernation, she blossomed beneath the ice, waiting for her first breath of cold winter air.

Finally, the world around her matched the heart within her.


Celestial Fairy

Original artwork by  @denaemoon , dress by  @fireflypath , makeup by , photography by  @fadedfaeriephoto

Original artwork by @denaemoon, dress by @fireflypath, makeup by, photography by @fadedfaeriephoto

She tiptoes through fields of blue, dancing lazily through lilac dreams, letting the light of the moon guide her, eyes wide and full of wonder. Softly, slowly, floating like a star across the night sky, she breathes in the cool air, getting lost in her own imagination, wondering if she even wants to be found. Butterflies dance around her head, glowing in the dim twilight that falls around her. Crystals adorn her from head to toe, catching the last bit of sunlight as the moon takes its place in the sky, bringing with it the changing tides of her heart, swaying softly back and forth, never settling for too long before dancing again. Flower petals drop to the ground, falling from her hands, catching on the layers of her skirt before getting lost beneath the earth. 

Watch everything come together in this time lapse!