Out of the Dark

Out of the Dark

I'm so excited to let you guys know that my EP, "Out of the Dark", is finally released! You can purchase it on iTunes and Amazon as well as stream it on Spotify, and find it anywhere else music is sold or streamed online! Below are a few of my favorite photos from my album shoot!

To see more photos and lyrics, you can download a pdf booklet by clicking HERE.




She was a wildflower, sweet and strong, braving the change of seasons as it blossoms, pure and true. Harsh winds and cold winters cannot stop her bloom, she springs up through the earth like a warrior, growing effortlessly as the sun fills her soul with light.

model: Madi Mae (@rosepetalpalace)

Coat: Foxblood

Hat: Killstar

Top and skirt: Amazon


Snow Elf

Photo Mar 02, 12 50 47 PM.jpg

It was the first snowfall of the year, the first blanket of white that covered her world from top to bottom, and with it, she was finally free. Like a bird in a cage, the seasons trapped her, all but winter. Winter was her home, it held her heart, it set her alight. As if waking from hibernation, she blossomed beneath the ice, waiting for her first breath of cold winter air.

Finally, the world around her matched the heart within her.


Snow Day at the Lake


Usually I like to do some creative free-writing here, something that goes along with the mood of the photos, but today I'd like to make this post a little bit more diary-like. 


For the past couple weeks, I've been hit with such major allergies that it triggered my long dormant asthma, and life was not fun. I got put on a mix of medicines, including some steroids to help my lungs from swelling up. I'm an ultra sensitive person, both emotionally and physically lol, so strong medicines don't usually do so well in my system. Being on the steroids was ROUGH, and I was bed bound for an entire week.

Almost as if the Universe knew what I needed, on my 7th night of taking the medicine, once I was finally starting to feel better, we got a HUGE dump of snow up at our house here in the mountains! I woke up like a child on Christmas morning, opening all the windows and snapping all the photos of the incredible views in front of me. 

The view from my bedroom window when I woke up!

The view from my bedroom window when I woke up!

After bundling up, Tommy and I went to explore around our nearby lake, Lake Gregory, walked through the thick layers of snow, and enjoyed all the incredible views as the sun began to set, casting beautiful mixtures of golden and cool light. I'm so glad we were able to capture so much beauty! I love being behind the camera, snapping photos of the world as I see it, but Tommy is such a good sport and also steps in as camera man to take photos of me on our adventures, and I gotta say, he does an awesome job. I think we have a photographer in training here!

After we had explored a bit and the sun started to fall behind the mountains, we decided to grab some hot, fresh pizza from the ONLY pizza place that was open in the snow, and cuddled up on the couch and watched "That Thing You Do". Being able to live in such a beautiful place and explore nature is still so humbling for me. I hope you guys enjoyed this little glimpse into my mountain life! 

Jacket: Spirit Hoods

Beanie: Forever21

Mittens: TJ Maxx (in the children's section lol)

Scarf: thrifted

Pants: Alice + Olivia


Celestial Fairy

Original artwork by  @denaemoon , dress by  @fireflypath , makeup by  @the.unseelie.one , photography by  @fadedfaeriephoto

Original artwork by @denaemoon, dress by @fireflypath, makeup by @the.unseelie.one, photography by @fadedfaeriephoto

She tiptoes through fields of blue, dancing lazily through lilac dreams, letting the light of the moon guide her, eyes wide and full of wonder. Softly, slowly, floating like a star across the night sky, she breathes in the cool air, getting lost in her own imagination, wondering if she even wants to be found. Butterflies dance around her head, glowing in the dim twilight that falls around her. Crystals adorn her from head to toe, catching the last bit of sunlight as the moon takes its place in the sky, bringing with it the changing tides of her heart, swaying softly back and forth, never settling for too long before dancing again. Flower petals drop to the ground, falling from her hands, catching on the layers of her skirt before getting lost beneath the earth. 

Watch everything come together in this time lapse!